US Army Dogtag

US Army Dogtag

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The US ARMY STANDARD dogtag you can buy here, is exactly the same as those the US Army will throw at you when you begin Boot Camp in the USA, and they are precisely the same as the dogtags the American soldiers are wearing in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. around the world today. They are being used in all the American military as ID-badges and has been standard equipment since the Golf-war. 

The tags are made of stainless steel, has rolled edges, are in dull gray (to avoid mirror-effect), has raised characters (like a credit card). The tag is 5 x 2,8 x 0,1 cm and is of a very high quality. 

When you buy a set you receive the following:-

  • 1 standard tag with YOUR text
  • 1 black silencer
  • 1 key ring 15mm for the collar 


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