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The history about Handelshuset Aulum 

The story about Handelshuset Aulum goes back to 1993 where Bjarne Kristensen started the company under the name B.K. Fiskegrej. The company was at that time home at Bjarne and started by Bjarne did make his own fishing equipment and afterwards selling it to the locals in Aulum. This was a great success, so he bought more products and in 1998 the business was simply too big to be at home, so Bjarne bought an old supermarket in Aulum. In the beginning the company started to deal with fishing equipment. In the year 2000 Bjarne went to China with a now former colleague and they found airsoft guns. They bought a full containers which was a great success. Today airsoft is the main part of the company. We have been selling a lot of different products through out the years. IN 2005-2006 our company got a webshop so we could begin to sell stuff online, over time this has evolved into a large part of the company. 


In January 2017 Bjarne sold the company to his grandchild Kenneth Storm Jessen, who is the owner of Handelshuset Aulum. Kenneth have been growing up with the company and have been a part of the company for more than 10 years. 


Facts about Handelshuset Aulum

We have in our shop more than 5000 products within the airsoft and airgun product range. We can say that we have most of the popular products and all what you can wish for! Actually we have more than 400 pistols and rifles in our range at the moment. 


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Handelshuset Aulum is a part of E-mærket which is the danish pendant for E-commerce Europe which is a security for you as a customers! To become a member of e-mærket a laywer hired by E-mærket will go through both the terms, the paymentflow and all to be sure that all danish laws are respected so you as a customer can buy from us with a security that we do not try to cheat or is a fraud.
You can read more at E-Commerce Europe https://www.ecommercetrustmark.eu/