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Denmarks largest and best whop with personalized dogtags for you and your animal

Are you looking for timeless dogtags with your own personal text in good quality? Then you are in the right place! Here at we do offer a unique and great selection of different dogtags, paracord bracelets and different wathces which works great together and gives a cool and unique look! 

Since 2006 we have been making personalized dogtags for both individuals and companies, which makes us experts in dogtags for you and your pet. We have all from the traditonal and wellknown US Army Dogtags to the original danish dogtags, which the danish soldiers gets when they are deployed. We are the only company selling these

Dogtag as a jewelry 

We have lots of different dog tags. All is produced in great materiale, correct specifications in a very high quality! We have dogtags for your own personal style.

Get your own personal dogtag or give a dogtag to one you love! Dogtags have been a popular jewelry for a long time and it will stay like this. 
Dogtags is a great idea for a gift to the person which is following you in life, just like a soldier would do! In general the dogtags alwasy include your name and date of birth. But it is 100% up to you what you want to be written on the dogtag.

But I am not a soldier, so what can I use a dogtag for?
Dog tags are incredibly popular among civilians. People are using them as a necklace, for their sportsteam, as a gift, for their kids if they are lost and many other things. Also along famous people they are popular. Many different both singers, actors and stuff have been using them around their neck. 

You do not only need a dogtag, your pet does also! We have a whole catagory with dogtags for animals. We are sure that your animal will love you for getting them a dogtag for their collar. 

What is an Armytag?

Armytags, dogtags, animaltag, ID tag and many other are in general the same thing. A dogtag is an identification badge that soldiers around the globe are using as ID on their body almost all of the time. As a standard it always says the military number, ID and name. On the US Army dogtags it also says which kind of religion they are following and their bloodtype. 
Dogtags normally comes either in 2 tags or so it can be broken into 2, this is if the soldier dies in action and it is not possible to get him with them, then the buddies can take the half of the tag so they knows which soldier died. 

The dogtags does have different designs and sizes all around the globe. Here at we are specialized in making the exact same dogtags as the danish ans US military are using. We buy from the same dealers and uses the same machines as the military does. 
We do also have a lot of other dogtags in different colors and sizes like the mini tags, colored tags and so! All of our dogtags are getting embossed which means that the letters will be lifted like you know from your creditcard. 
Many others they are engraving in the tags so they will not be like ours.